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Regen-D 150 Gel


Regen-D 150 Gel
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Regen-D 150 Gel (Epidermal Growth Factor)

Regen-D 150 Gel (Epidermal Growth Factor) online from the cheapest pharmacy at the best price in the USA, UK, and many more countries. Know Epidermal Growth Factor, how to work, how to use, how long does it last, how to take, side effects, and reviews. AllDayGeneric is a much more than only a regular health store and 100% trusted Online Drugstore!!!

What is Regen-D 150 Gel(Epidermal Growth Factor)?

Regen-D 150 Gel is a pill that helps in the faster healing of ulcers (sores) of the leg, bone, or foot in diabetic cases. It decreases the medicinal time and improves skin regeneration by the development of new skin cells at the site of the injury. Follow the doctor’s information and use just footwear to enhance the effectiveness of the pills.

What is Regen-D 150 Gel(Epidermal Growth Factor) prescribed for?

  • Diabetic foot lesions

A diabetic foot ulcer is a common complication of uncontrolled diabetes. Long-standing diabetes can harm your tissues and blood vessels. Nerve injury decreases your sensitivity to pain. Cuts or damages to the foot may go overlooked and put you at danger of foot ulcers. Reduced blood flow due to the effect of diabetes on blood vessels may also lead to ulceration. The sore can become infected. Poor glucose control can reduce wound healing. Missing a diabetic foot sore can start to loss of the part.

How it works Regen-D 150 Gel?

Regen-D 150 Gel works by publishing a growth factor that makes skin improvement in diabetic foot ulcer.

What are the Epidermal Growth Factor Side effects?

  • Skin irritation
  • Rash
  • Pain

What precautions need to take before Epidermal Growth Factor?


No interaction found/established


Unknown. Human and animal studies are not available. Please consult your doctor.


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No interaction found/established.


No data is possible on the use of Regen-D 150 Gel during lactation. Please consult your doctor.

What are the Epidermal Growth Factor Dosages?

Missed Dose :
If you miss a dose, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not double your dose to make up for the missed dose.

Overdose :
Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the doctor in case of an overdose.

Why buy Regen-D 150 Gel(Epidermal Growth Factor) Ointment from AllDayGeneric?

  • Low prices: We sell prescription medications at low prices. A free medical consultation is included with every prescription.
  • Total privacy: We always kept your information strictly confidential.
  • Convenience: You won’t need to wait in long Queue at the pharmacy, because your medications will be delivered directly to your door.
  • Authenticity: We only sell authentic Regen-D 150 Gel , manufactured by Bharat Biotech International at a plant in India. A valid licensed Indian pharmacist dispenses all medications sold by AllDayGeneric.

Disclaimer: The information produced here is best of our knowledge and experience, and we have tried our best to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we would like to request that it should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

AllDayGeneric is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on medicines and does not guarantee its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Even if there is no mention of a warning for any drug or combination, it never means that we are claiming that the drug or combination is safe for consumption without any proper consultation with an expert.

AllDayGeneric does not take responsibility for any aspect of medicines or treatments. If you have any doubts about your medication, we strongly recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

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Country of Origin


Dosage Form


Equivalent Brand


Generic Name

Epidermal Growth Factor


Diabetic foot ulcers


Bharat Biotech International


15 gm in 1 tube


Epidermal Growth Factor (150mcg/gm)

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