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Femovan Tablet


Femovan Tablet
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Femovan Tablets (Ethinyl Estradiol + Gestodene) – Birth Control Tablets

What is Femovan Tablet?

Femovan Tablets are a Combination of Ethinyl Estradiol and Gestodene. This combination of hormone medication is used to Prevent pregnancy.

Femovan Tablet is a birth control Tablets made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. It is a combined hormonal contraceptive agent meant to prevent pregnancy. Each dragee contains 0.03mg of ethinylestradiol and 0.075mg of gestodene. We also have in stock Novelon Tablets which is used to treat the same indications.

How Does Birth Control Tablets (Femovan) Work?

Gestodene is a progestin. It acts to stop pregnancy by preventing the release of an egg from the ovary or preventing fertilization of the egg by sperm. It also may work by improving the lining of the womb to prevent the development of a pregnancy.

Ethinyl Estradiol is a synthetic oestrogen. In women of reproductive age, it helps in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle (periods). In women undergoing menopause, it works by replacing deficient oestrogen levels, thereby preventing symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, and mood swings.

Uses of Femovan Tablets:

Ethinyl Estradiol is generally used in treatment for contraception, Postmenopausal osteoporosis, prostate cancer, hormone replacement therapy, and failure of ovarian development.

Gestodene is generally used in the treatment of contraception.

How to use Femovan tablets?

Consume Femovan Tablets – Birth Control Pills in the dosage and duration as per your doctors advise.

While taking this Birth Control Tablets, swallow it completely without crushing, breaking, or chewing it. It is advised to be taken at a fixed time but may be taken together with food (or) without food.

What are the common Side effects of Femovan Tablets?

Like all medicines, Femovan can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. If you get any side effect, mainly if severe and determined, or have any difference to your health that you believe may be due to Femovan, please talk to your Doctor.

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Anxiety
  • Breast tenderness
  • Depression
  • Swelling
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Irritability
  • Uterine bleeding

Safety Advice or Precautions Before Femovan use:

  • Patients taking Femovan treatment should support regular breast screening and cervical smear test.
  • Inform the Doctor in case of fertility or plan for pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Avoid Femovan birth control Tablets if an allergic reaction has been felt to any of its components during the previous use.
  • Learn the pamphlet for information such as Femovan tablets dosage, uses, and side effects.

Interactions of Femovan Birth Control Tablets:

  • If any drugs are used at the same time, interactions may occur. Effects and side effects of the drugs can be changed. Whether an interaction occurs depends on various factors.
  • Always talk to your Doctor to decide if an interaction does mean to you.
  • Only a doctor can determine your particular risk factors for an interaction. If necessary, the Doctor can take proper action. Do not stop taking medicines prescribed by your Doctor without consulting your Doctor or pharmacist.


Q. What lifestyle changes should I make while taking Femovan?

Stop smoking and avoid alcohol; essentially, alcohol may worsen the drowsiness and calmness with Femavan Femovan.

Q. Is the use of Femovan safe during breastfeeding?

Femovan Tablets may lead to some side effects on breastfeeding women. If you feel any unwanted symptoms after taking Femovan, then do not take it again and call your Doctor right away. Your Doctor will tell you the best option for you.

Q. What is the effect of Femovan on the Liver or heart?

You may feel side effects on your Liver and Heart after taking Femovan. If you remark any adverse effects, then stop taking this drug right away. Discuss your Doctor before retaking Femovan.

Q. Is Femovan Safe?

Yes, Femovan Tablets are safe, But take it after seeking your Doctor’s advice.

Q. Is Ethinyl Estradiol good for acne?

Ethinyl Estradiol may help in acne treatment. However, it is fully advised that you consult your Doctor for advice on the best treatment option suitable for your condition and needs.

Q. I am on Femovan Tablets. Will I gain weight?

Yes, there is a possibility of weight gain or weight loss if you are taking Femovan (Birth Control Tablets).

Q. Is this Femovan Habit Forming or addictive?

No, Femovan is not habit Forming.

Why Buy Femovan Tablets from AllDayGeneric?

  • Low prices: We sell prescription medications at low prices. A free medical consultation is included with every prescription.
  • Total privacy: We always kept your information strictly confidential.
  • Convenience: You won’t need to wait in long Queue at the pharmacy, because your medications will be delivered directly to your door.
  • Authenticity: We only sell authentic Femovan Tablets (Birth Control Tablets), manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. A valid licensed Indian pharmacist dispenses all medications sold by AllDayGeneric.

Disclaimer:  The information produced here is best of our knowledge and experience, and we have tried our best to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we would like to request that it should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

AllDayGeneric is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on medicines and does not guarantee its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Even if there is no mention of a warning for any drug or combination, it never means that we are claiming that the drug or combination is safe for consumption without any proper consultation with an expert.

AllDayGeneric does not take responsibility for any aspect of medicines or treatments. If you have any doubts about your medication, we strongly recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

Additional information

Country of Origin


Dosage Form


Equivalent Brand


Generic Name

Ethinyl Estradiol / Gestodene


Contraception (Birth control)


Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd


21 tablets in 1 strip


Ethinyl Estradiol (0.03mg) + Gestodene (0.075mg)

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