Your order is on this status because you have chosen to pay through check / money order or wire transfer. Your order would be shipped as soon as we receive the payment of your order.

Your order is on this status because your payment initially failed when placing your order. You need to try again or if you have a Visa Card.

All our transactions are done on a SSL secure page and the card details would be destroyed after completion of the transaction.

Your order may be on “Hold” for any of the following reasons:

One of the product/s is out of stock.

Prescription copy has not been received.

You had made a request to add or removeproduct/s from your order.

Any other issue.

If you ever see your order on this status please give us a call or send the click for mail to sort out issue

When an order is in this status, it means that the order has been given to our pharmacist and after reviewing the order details the order will give to our dispatch department to ship.

When an order is in this Status, it means that your order has not been approved. You may contact us to complete the transaction process or you may simply ignore the order if you want to cancel the same.