We have prepared a small write-up to explain the process of what happens when customs refuses entry of your order, please read it carefully first and don’t hesitate to contact us for any clarifications or further information.

Why would customs return my package?

For those who are new to ordering their medications from abroad, it is important to know that all packages are subject to refusal when entering a country’s border. This is by no means a cause for concern. It is your customs’ job to accept or deny the mail coming into the country and medications are no exception. As there is no way for them to know whether the medications are legitimate, the customs’ officer will usually return all medications to the origin pharmacy as a precaution.

Could my medications be fake or inferior?

This is a common question asked by our new customers and it is very important they understand how AllDayGeneric works when compared to all the other online pharmacies on the internet. When you place an order with our service, we not only protect you from online fraud, we also protect you from the fears of receiving fake or inferior products. All our products are manufactured by leading Indian pharmacies and their facilities are approved by USDFA or other respected government authorities.

What will happen to my order now?

Our guarantee states that you will get your products and a refused package from customs is no exception. Simply contact us and we send you a free reshipment of your order and depending on the availability of your products in stock, we will have your new tracking number sent to you right away.

How long will it take to receive my reshipment order?

The reshipment may take 10-20 days to deliver.

Will my order be refused again upon the reshipment?

There is always a possibility that your order could be refused again but the chances are very slim. Typically less than 1% of the orders we ship are refused by customs.