Credit cards can be refused for a number of reasons, many of which are out of both your and our control. When you place an order with a credit card, the information you submit goes directly to our merchant bank at which point it is tested through various fraud. The following are the main reasons of decline transactions:

If the billing and shipping address are different: in this situation, the card-issuing bank may stop the transaction to avoid suspect fraud cases. It is also a possibility that your bank has declined the transaction because it’s an international transaction.

If you are using a card from a different state (or country) where the card was actually issued: this happens if your card was issued at your address but you are using the same from a different state or country. In such a case, you may contact us and place the order.

As you can see, there are many channels your transaction must pass through before it is accepted and if there is a problem with even one of them your entire transaction for your online medication will be declined. In the event it is declined, please give us mail to confirm the order. Please note that some banks will require your authorization after they accept the charge from our company. For example, if you normally use your card only in USA and your bank suddenly sees a transaction from overseas they may think that the transaction is suspicious and wish to speak with you before allowing it to go through. In this case, they may call you to confirm or you may need to call and alert them of your approval. We recommend you check with your bank after placing an order just to make sure everything went through successfully. It is important to note that all credit cards processing through are done inside the USA.