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Malnutrition Symptoms and Treatment

Malnutrition Symptoms and Treatment

What is Malnutrition? 

Malnutrition is a common health problem and it causes a lack of the right amount of nutrients in your diet. In other words, malnutrition means poor nutrients diet which does not contain vitamins, minerals, and required substance.

When you get more nutrition or the wrong type of food is called undernutrition and when you don’t get enough nutrition is called overnutrition. Here we focus on undernutrition. diseases a problem in any age of children in terms of preventing the growth mentally and physically because of the lack of essential nutrients. There are an estimated 3 million and 462 million people all over word suffer from malnourished.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Malnutrition causes is the serious single threat to global public health. Globally, it contributes to 45 percent of deaths of children aged under 5 years.

Symptoms of Malnutrition

The symptoms of malnutrition depend on the type.

How to Recover from Malnutrition?

The best way to Recover Malnutrition is to eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet.  A healthy diet is the source of vitamins that maintains your health and fitness. You can starchy foods, bread, rice, and potatoes which contain sugar and increase your energy.

Milk and dairy foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and fish are also playing a vital role again this diseases. To prevent undernutrition, people need to consume a variety of food types and a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as plenty of fluids, and especially water.

If your weight loss around 5-10% within 3-6 months, even you don’t try then it is a sign of malnutrition.

You may also take advice from special nutritional supplements that increase the level of nutrition. You’ll be helped to set targets and your progress will be regularly monitored.