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Our company AllDayGeneric is one of the leading e-pharmacy which caters to healthcare needs of consumers

Our company AllDayGeneric is one of the leading e-pharmacy which caters to the healthcare needs of the consumers in a highly efficient manner. The main goal of our organization is to provide the high end convenience and full accessibility of the generic, OTC drugs and various other health care items to the patients at affordable cost. We are one of the most reliable online pharmacies having 5+ years of experience in supplying the generic medications and OTC Healthcare Products to the consumers from all across the globe. Currently we have been serving 2500000+ patients from various countries worldwide and fulfilling all their medicine requirements on monthly basis. Our team is dedicated to work constantly on the path of helping out more and more of the people to get their medications on time and meeting all their healthcare needs.

Why choose us?

  • Our organization saves your precious time and efforts to revisit the pharmacy store again and again and proactively delivers medicines to your place in minimum time.
  • Our firm is highly committed to offer all the consumers a highly personalized e pharmacy from where they can buy the medications whenever and wherever they actually require it.
  • At AllDayGeneric, our founders have personal interest in the healthcare and wellness and this is the reason why we deliver the products and specialized services to the consumers that bring value to them helping them to achieve a healthier and much better lives.
  • Everyone at our organization from our top notch suppliers, employees to the board of directions work in great synchronization to providing you an extra ordinary pharmacy experience.
  • We are extremely proud to be one of the leading pharmaceutical firms which have been trusted for buying OTC drugs by the consumers from over the years.

Core values

The consumers choose our organization for their day to day healthcare and wellness requirements as we are working continuously to exceed all their expectations. Our firm has already developed an unmatched level of loyalty as well through our associates. We are highly committed to the clients we serve. Our firm specializes in delivering the prescription drugs and other medications which improve the overall health and well being of your entire family.


The mission of our organization is to improve the wellness of communities over the globe through the high end engaging experience and by supplying best quality products, extra ordinary customer service and health advice to meet all unique needs

We deliver medications in a quick turnaround time and at low price

Our firm brings for you an advanced e-commerce portal which can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime for all your customized healthcare requirements. We try to make the purchase of the prescribed drugs hassle free for you by making a widest array of medications and healthcare items available on our website. Our experts impart the most accurate, authoritative and also trustworthy of the information on medications and assist people in using them in a highly safe and effective way. Through the constant efforts of our organization, we have made the healthcare products accessible to the millions of people worldwide. Our e-pharmacy platform not only delivers the quality medications at cheaper price but also guides the consumers about the right and affordable of the healthcare. Our company AllDaygeneric is highly experimental and also data driven and creates a robust platform which stands for transparent and highly authentic information for everyone.

Our e pharmacy platform delivers high value and convenience to buyers at affordable rates

We employ a team of specialists, highly knowledgeable pharmacists and other professionals who have many years of industry experience and is devoted to assist clients in achieving highest standards of life through quality medication and advice. Additionally our customer support team is fully dedicated to work towards the fulfillment of the most individualized needs of clients and surpasses all their expectations by providing extraordinary service. Through the highly unified efforts of our staff, we make sure that all the buyers get top quality products and compassionate customer service. Our E – Pharmacy Store stocks a wide range of over the counter drugs and healthcare items in comparison to any of the average brick and mortar chemist shop and assist you buying the medication of your choice in a convenient and confidential manner. With a high end emphasis on privacy as well as confidentiality, our e pharmacy portal delivers the high value and convenience to the buyers at low cost.

Our e pharmacy store stocks a wide range of OTC drugs and healthcare items

Our website www.alldaygeneric.com offers the consumers a wealth of information as well on various medications, healthcare and wellness. The personalized attention is rendered to each and every customer thereby ensuring the delivery of most accurate medicine and correct dosage being dispensed. We deliver the ordered products in a quick turnaround time, at low price along with all necessary of the physician instructions for each and every prescription. In fact our clients have already been pleased with the level of service that they actually receive from our online drug store ensuring the prompt delivery of quality products that they require.

Our team is fully dedicated and strives hard to provide the customers with high end e pharmacy shopping experience. We are looking forward to serving you.